Samstag, 5. Mai 2007

I have just returned from a most wonderful inspiring German Colloquium in a beautifully restored medieval castle in the woods near Frankfurt. German home educators face so much real opposition in the form of fines, state blocks on their homes and the threat of their children being taken into care that I am humbled by their bravery. I am not sure I could have stuck out HE facing the terrors that they do. Inspite of this HE is growing in Germany, although actually numbers in Germany are decreasing, to some extent, as families flee. Apart from this there were academic talks from European wide researchers from Norway, Germany, UK and Canada, workshops on various topics and philosophical talks and dicsussions throughout the weekend, most with simulataneous translations! An added bonus to the event was the presence of Melissa Busekros who had 'escaped' from her foster family at night 2 days before and made a jouney of some distance by hitching back to her family. She is in a insecure legal position and she spoke a little bit about her 'difficult situation'. This was the second conference in what now seems to be established as an annual European wide event. Next year it will be in the Netherlands.
Leslie Barson, London

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