Freitag, 4. Mai 2007

Well back in Norway my conclusion is that the colloquium 27. - 29. of April was a success and I enjoyed to participate. It was an inspiration! I have already written a reportage from the colloquium to the Norwegian home education & free school magazine: SAX.

Coming from outside I observed much fighting spirit in German home educators and my impression is that a "break through" in German HE can not be far away!

One new information from Home Education in Norway: From the ongoing research project "Parents view of school" a questionnaire is sent to a representative sample of Norwegian parents with children in school. One question here is: "Would you like to home educate your child for a period?" Three options for answer: no, in doubt or yes. 10% said yes!! That is quit many I think! The motives for yes was to get more time with their child! This result will now be the base for a reportage about home education in Norway's biggest newspaper VG.

There will also be a 40 minutes radio documentary about Home Education in the Norwegian BBC (NRK2) at 10.03 on Saturday morning.

Keep on with the good work!

Prof. Christian Beck, Oslo

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Jörg Großelümern hat gesagt…

Nun lieber Prof. Beck, wenn Sie schon sagen, dass ein Durchbruch nicht mehr so fern sein kann, dann ist das schon eine starke Ermutigung, so wie auch das Kolloquium insgesamt eine tolle mutmachende Sache war. Hier merkte man etwas von der Flamme der Freiheit die in vielen Herzen brannte und die sich möglichst bald zu einem Flächenbrand ausweiten möge, der den Schulzwang hinwegfegt und der Freiheit Bahn bricht.